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cont-img1E.Z. Imports Limited is considered one of Grand Bahama’s most highly regarded freight forwarder, purchasing and shipping companies, offering fast, reliable, freight forwarding, and dependable service to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas. Mr. Ian Rolle, while working in the hotel industry back in 1994 utilized his private pilot license to make frequent trips to the United States, by renting a small plane to develop his flying skills for recreational purposes. As he continued to develop his skills co-workers, family members and other associates became aware of his skill and saw fit to ask his assistance with small purchases on their behalf, or to pay miscellaneous bills, and they would compensate him for his time and effort. These trips became business trips, hence the name E.Z. Imports Since then, E.Z. Imports became a licensed company with the Grand Bahama Port Authority in 1998, and has provided purchasing and shipping services for thousands of customer.
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